Yikerz! Magnetic Mayhem Game from Wiggles 3D is a 1-4 player board game that uses magnets positive and negative forces. For full review and shopping info ►

Product Info:
Yikerz! Magnetic Mayhem Game from Wiggles 3D is a 1-4 player magnetic board game that requires a certain amount of brainpower, skill, strategy, and, at a certain point, pure luck to win. Opposites attract and the object of this game is to avoid attracting any magnets already placed on the board to the one you are about to lay down.

There are different ways you can arrange the four-piece Yikerz game board, as indicated in the instructions guide. As you become more familiar with how to play you can arrange the pieces to make the gameplay more difficult.

One player shuffles up the Yikerz magnetic pieces and, depending on how many people play, divide them up accordingly. Whoever shuffled the pieces goes first. Then, players take turns placing magnets strategically on the game board so not to attract those already in play. You’ll need to wait 10 seconds after each turn to make sure all the magnets stay in place. At first this is simple, but eventually you’ll run out of easy spaces to place the pieces and magnets will collapse together. When this happens, the player who placed the collapsed pieces must remove them from the board and add them to their stack. The first player to place all their pieces and call out “last Yikerz!” before placing their last piece without a collapse wins the game.

The game is packaged in a small zip-up bag for storage and use on the go.

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