Sonic Adventure 2 introduces a plethora of advances and stories from its predecessor, but how well does it stack against its Dreamcast/Gamecube port? I take a look at both versions to help you decide which version works for YOU, on this edition of Port vs Port!

A huge thanks to Berry for his donation of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle so I could record footage. Links to his page are down below so you can visit him!

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  • Abdurrahman Jamous
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    I've always felt that the Dreamcast version controls are better and the gameplay is faster and smoother except for some points where the hardware can't handle it and causing frames drop
    while the Gamecube version is polished and tested well

  • David artiz
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm


  • L X96
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Sa1: dreamcast
    Sa2: gamecube

  • Joe Mosca
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    I'm his grandson by the way

  • Joe Mosca
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm


  • David Valesano
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    I've Seen Big The Cat in Cutscenes For The Dreamcast.

  • BoysOurRoy /// Lucas M
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Dreamcast has better lighting, but GC is the better version.

    Still hate the game though

  • DNomad Lethal
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    *starts video
    "Going around at the speed of sound….."


  • Vic Viper
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    You mention the audio balancing being better on GameCube, which was a first for me because I always felt & heard that the GameCube version pretty much added like 3-4 DB to music in the cutscenes and the voices were drowned by it (HD versions being even worse). Or the voices were lowered, one or the other.
    Then you show the examples… And the GameCube version definitely has more issues, so I don't know what you meant… just SFX? It's more important to listen to dialogue, and the GC version falters there.
    It's especially noticeable in the Sonic Vs Shadow cutscene towards the end of each story, DC's music is already rather loud but you can make out what they're saying, GC's music is so loud though that you can barely even realise Sonic say his "What you see is what you get" line without headphones.


    I can hear less compression in the limo cutscene, although it's only very slight, that can't be the only thing you meant by that.
    Furthermore the "BEEEEP" in the GameCube & especially HD versions when Tails/Eggman use their lock-on laser was amplified, same with the other SFX during stages, so if anything the audio balancing is worse on all fronts in the ports.

  • tsusuru
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    rem best girl 👀👀

  • ChiefMedicPururu
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Cutscene Revamp helps so much for the PC version.

  • the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    The battle port fucked up the lighting and colours less colourful on battle tails fur is grey in battle

  • Mario&Sonic Fan1996
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Echo 8:56

  • gogosegaga
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Prefer the sharper cleaner image of the Dreamcast. Textures on Dreamcast were unmatched

  • N-I-N-E
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    i spent hours on hours in the chao garden for the Gamecube

  • AortaPlatinum
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    I personally don't think a single officially released version of SA2 even holds a candle to the fun of SA1. Vanilla, I'd go as far to say it's clunky, unfun shit. Modded however, is an entirely different story.

  • YehaaMedia
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Gamecube handsdown

  • Connor ClassicVlogs
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    I never encountered any bugs in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 except for one where I was playing crazy Gadget and I fell into the goo and fell forever, but aside from that I didn't have much of a different experience from the other versions of the game. To be honest I would play any version of Sonic Adventure 2 but I'm mainly playing the PC version with Dreamcast mods

  • Nick
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    There is an xbox version as well.

  • Jerry Smith
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    i'm sorry but the dreamcast version is not a port, please get that right, its the original, the gamecube and windows versions came out 2 full years later

  • Rohan Padiyar
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Once again, the Dreamcast version is the original game and the Gamecube version is the reprogrammed game.

  • Sonic the hedgehog the first
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm


  • The Bohobemeister
    Posted 4 days ago 2:50 pm

    Wonderful video and congratulations on getting your degree (you probably have it by now)!

    I grew up with the Gamecube port, and after watching your comparison of the two, I'm positive I like the Gamecube port more than the original. The only thing the original has over the port is the lighting (and size of the Chao gardens, which are slightly bigger (I'm a Chao expert so I already knew about that part)), but it's not a big deal to me.

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