The Action Max was released by Worlds of Wonder in 1987.

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Intro by Vlad Iacob (visuals) and Jason Heine TheEMUreview (audio).

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  • darkabyss83
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Oh damn

  • Brandon Reina
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Spin Master is bringing the Action Max game console back

    ™ & ©1987 Sourcing International Ltd.

  • Ed Sparks
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    this was a huge disappointment wen i got it…..

  • Luis Lopez
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    I remember owning this console back in the 80's. This brings back so many memories. I enjoyed playing the games that were available.

  • Amos Hill
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    3.5mm audio to RCA Audio Cable should connect to the back of the VHS Player and play through the TV shouldn’t it?

  • Ace1000ks1975
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    This was the worst video game ever.

  • RoyOrbisonsElvisTape
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Just snagged one for $13. Had one as a kid, and wanted to relive how craptastic it was.

  • Александр Лавренюк
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    "okay" word is used wery often

  • Andrew Schroy
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Was watching Shopper's Casino (a terrible "game show" that was more of an infomercial) and the Action Max just happened to be one of its prizes…

  • Paul Peterson
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    I remember the disappointment in my brother's eyes when he got this on Christmas instead of a Nintendo.

  • Chanman C.E.O
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    What kind of modern TV's, exactly?

  • Boojakascha
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    "It just looks like a colt 1911, or a SW model 29. In fact all guns look exactly the same"

  • Boojakascha
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Of course there were other VHS consoles…

  • Sam Forsyth
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    I had this… i thought i didn't play it very often… but i must have because i had all the dialogue memorized as i watched this.. so funny how it all came back!

  • TotallySpiesFan01
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    James Rolfe and Mike Mattei did a Gameplay Video of This System All Part of James and Mike Mondays.

  • SuperNorstShow
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    They should have taken the route of old cassette turbo loaders on old computers, and added a proper controller. Maybe it would have been kind of cool then.

  • Sensei Pong
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Graphics man. Sega MS ain't got nuthin on it. The character models look like real people
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎

  • plateshutoverlock
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    Just part of the long, groaning FMV game 'craze' of the 1980s and early 1990s

  • slimshaynee graphics
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    i got mostly all the games but they all are not the best haha

  • johneygd
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    The action max is a great innovative way to play games using a tv & vcr , the way it works is simple, the console detects light from both the sensor and the lightgun from flashing lights wich are recorded at sudden moments on that vcr tape, the console will determine if it saw flash lights from both the lightgun and the light sensor at the same time, if it will find a match your score will increase but every miss match will deincrease it, hence why it feels so unreliable.

    But i was thinking how about a game console wich uses a tv speaker to interact with it,imagine a console wich you just put on the tv speaker with brain training games on it,the video just gets to the tv while the audio from a wired microphone should get passtrough the console to the tv , the console then should pickup your voice from the tv speaker and compare those words you say with it's expected words to see if it will find a match, if so, the console should blink a led light to indicate you and increase your high score.
    So if you do a color test for example, and you see and say the color blue, that the system will see it as a match etc,,,
    This can be great for kids.

  • The Pixel Polygon
    Posted 1 hour ago 8:12 pm

    The Bandai/Takara Video Challenger was the same thing.

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