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Drive cargo truck to transport prehistoric predators in dinosaur safari park

The prehistoric dinosaur adventure game is back with amazing transport truck driving. Play Jungle Dino Truck Transport 3D simulator game & drive heavy cargo transporter in prehistoric park to catch stegosaurus. Drive heavy cargo truck in dragonvale jungle and get vicious dinosaurs in wildlife rescue game. Become a real driver of cargo transporter trailer truck in ultimate dino world.

Enter into dino world and start action packed adventure racing while transporting vicious beasts to prehistoric park. Be a daredevil & take ferocious herbivores back to their jurassic world in animal transport simulator tycoon. Do the toughest truck driver job of animal rescue and deliver escaped dinos from safari jungle back to ultimate dinosaurs world. Excavate transporter cargo simulator to drive dinosaur truck. Drive heavy loader camion for catching violent predators in this angry dino transport truck game. Show precision as cargo transporter and camion driver to deliver dangerous herbivores back in city zoo wild life. This armored truck simulator game allows you to switch controls from camion driver to vicious stegosaurus. Take control of dinosaurs world simulator and find some food to eat from jungle. This raptor carnivore game is full of jurassic hopper and angry dinosaur hunting adventure. Jump into dino transport spree as armored truck driver & hold steering to drive heavy transporter in jurassic zoo game. Be careful while transporting dangerous dino to city zoo in wild dino simulator.

Drive animal transport truck and enjoy ancient journey along with wildlife adventure. Caught animals with cargo truck and feel like a real trucker sitting behind big wheels in giant euro transporter. Drive for animal transport cargo delivery and haul prehistoric beasts from safari park to dino hunt zoo. In dragonvale forest, horrifying dinos, lions and dangerous predators are always angry, hungry and looking for prey to devour. Make sure no carnivores or herbivores escape from massive jurassic zoo in this wild dino simulator tycoon.

Jungle Dino Truck Transport 2017 Game Features:
Transporter truck driving with dino transport simulator missions
Multiple cargo transport truck driving in dinosaur hunting game
Range of vicious dinos: stegosaurus, parasaurolophus, velociraptor
Realistic physics for big rig trailers & truck driving
Intuitive controls for armored truck driving on gnarly tracks
Amazing 3D environment including jurassic rex and dinosaur raptor

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