In anticipation of a possible Speaker for the Dead or Ender in Exile movie, I made this brief summary video of most of the major points in Ender’s Game. I did it in much the same style of “Supernatural’s” “The Road So Far” montages that they often do. The song is “Wayward Son,” by Kansas.

I’m considering doing this for other franchises if enough of you enjoy this.

I enjoyed the movie itself, thought it wasn’t always faithful to the book at times. The climax seemed rushed and as a result, I feel like it was less effective than in the book. Nonetheless, I feel like it was a good movie. Asa Butterfield proved to be a good, but unlikely Ender. Sure, he wasn’t the Ender we where all expecting, but he made the role his own. Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff, while not spectacular or spot-on, also proved to be adequate in his role, though there was less emphasis on his relationship with Ender.

It’s simply one of those movies that you’re going to hate if you read the books, but if you hadn’t. you’re going to enjoy it. Somehow, I found a spot in between; I read the book and liked some aspects and hated others.

If you have any free time, I’d give it a shot


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  • OraNui
    Posted July 4, 2020 7:39 pm

    You like Ender's Game? I had no idea!

  • The New Maniac Films
    Posted July 4, 2020 7:39 pm

    So glad the audio isn't silenced anymore. Thank you fake copyright claims.

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